Analysis & Intellectual Property Research Section

Analysis of taste and material functionality

Our Analysis & Intellectual Property Research Section measures and analyzes raw materials, food products, and product samples under the fundamental theme of "scientific analysis of the taste and functions of food."

What does it mean when food is "delicious", "flavor","taste" and how are the "deliciousness" and "texture" that consumers want changing―we measure these not by merely feeling or intuition but by numerical values and creating databases that we utilize for product development, production technologies, and customer support.

Moreover, the Analysis & Intellectual Property Research Section collects and analyzes market information and creates databases of information on what type of products are in demand and why and the current trends in the food market from the perspective of products.

As has been described, we provide objective scales for the creation, utilization, and development of products in the form of data and information so as to lend reliability and credibility to research and development activities, production, and sales.

We are active in principal objective in protecting the intellectual property of our company appropriately, and in having customers know the technology of our company.