Quality Control

Efforts Toward Increasing Food Safety and Reliability

Under the principle of "We guarantee the safety and stable quality of Tsukishima Foods Group products to customers all over the world", so we can provide them with safety and reliability, delicious products.

The Production Department manages manufacturing activities that center around Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to ensure the production of safe food.

The Quality Assurance department is an independent department from each factory. We perform quality control such as raw material inspection and judgment to release products.

With respect to product information, we strive to disclose all product information so that the labeling on our products is fair and proper, based on pertinent laws and regulations.

Under the quality assurance mission of" We make legal, fair, and appropriate decisions regarding quality assurance based on the information and knowledge we obtain both in and outside the company. " we will continue to promote our activities.